Gradona single-grain rice produced exclusively in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, Greece. We cultivate the Carnaroli variety characterized by its high starch content.


Kalochori, Thessaloniki has an altitude difference of 1 meter below the sea level. As a result, our soils have high salinity compared to others. Trying to turn this on our advantage, we chose the Carnaroli variety, which in our soils has almost 90% starch content.

Starch, as soon as it begins to heat in water at a temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius, becomes soluble in water. Small amylose molecules form a network that holds water and increase the mixture’s viscosity. This process is called starch gelatiniazation.

Our rice, with its 90% starch content, speeds up this process, making it palatable and ideal for various dishes.



Gradona single-grain rice of carnaroli variety, is excellent for risotto. Its high starch content makes it soluble and like a gel quickly. It is preferred by experienced chefs for making the risotto, but should not be missed by everyone’s dish.

Of course, it is ideal for use in other dishes such as various soups like meat soup or chicken soup would like to cook. It is also a very good choice for rice pudding.

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